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Transcription of Spirit Message as revealed to Rev Deborah L Johnson

“There are discussions going on now about saving America and saving democracy. The two terms have been used interchangeably as though they are, in fact, the same thing when they are not. It is important to understand the difference between the two because it completely changes the conversation and the direction that we need to go for correction and healing.

Life is not linear; life is cyclical. Life is not linear; life is cyclical. There is a tendency to want to think of life as a line where things are simply progressing from one point to next point. It is assumed that any “forward” motion would lead you a new point on the line, that is to say, a point in which you haven’t been before. In instances when it looks like something is repeating itself, from a linear perspective, it looks like things have gone backwards. The discussion then becomes about why have we slipped, why have things gotten us away from us and what has been the catalysts or the events or circumstances that have knocked us off of a forward trajectory?

In this linear model, when it appears as though things are repeating themselves, there is a sense that somehow something is wrong. It is bad. It should not be. In this situation, there is often much more time spent trying to analyze the factors that seemed to have knocked you off course than there is attention paid to reinforcing where you are going.

Life is not linear. Everything circular. Everything repeats itself. Even what you call linear is a series of cycles. From one year to the next year, it’s January, February, March, April. Within the year, you have months, you have weeks and weeks repeat themselves - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. And on and on. From day to day 1:00, 2:00, 3:00. There are cycles within cycles.

It is important for you to understand how life works. When there is no progress being made, then the cyclical motion feels like what you would call a “loopity loop” like a hamster on a treadmill that’s just going round and round and round, without there being any shift taking place. This can go on. However, when progress is being made, the cycles look more like a spiral in that you are coming back to some of the same issues but at higher and higher planes. The base vibratory patterns may feel the same but the applications, the ways in which they are being presented, have nuances and new flavors.

Furthermore, there is an accumulated knowledge that is applied. There’s information. There are lessons that were learned from the last time of being in that position. And there is the ability to apply those lessons and that information so that you are simply having the same ole experience again. But, you don’t have to be so forlorn or caught off guard because you do, in fact, have resources upon which you can pull and rely. So often there is a failure to do so. There is failure to go back and remember the lessons that were learned before.

With the linear thinking, the seemingly being pushed off trajectory always seems so new or unexpected. Those of you who strive for progress should expect the cyclical nature - not only expect it, you should prepare for it. This preparation is not simply bracing for so-called negative things to repeat themselves, but cultivating the pearls, the wisdom, the awareness, that was learned from the last time. For example, there is nothing new about voter suppression. As long as there has been voting anywhere, there has been voter suppression. However, there have been creative means and mechanisms people have used in order to organize, in order to circumvent, in order to overcome which can be not only sources of inspiration but practically tactical. That is to say, that there are tactics that were used before that were practical, that can and should be applied again. Some of you speak of this as the “wisdom of the ancestors.” Call upon the wisdom of the experiences that you have already had.

As for this distinction between fighting to save America and fighting to save a democracy, that distinction needs to be understood. There is a fallacious discussion that is going on about who has the right to define what America is. In this state of deep polarization, you have these tug-of-wars, these battles going on that to the naked eye appear to be increasingly divisive and polarizing. However, once again, from a cyclical standpoint, this is not new.

Part of what creates polarization is the othering. Difference of opinions, in and of themselves, do not cause conflict. The conflict occurs when there is the polarizing, the perceiving of the ones who have an opposing opinion as being the opposition. In your current political environment in the United States, this is characterized as what you refer to Red, Conservative, and Blue, being more Liberal and Progressive. Oftentimes, there are political party affiliations that align around these so-called identities.

The problem here is that neither one believes that they can exist let alone the nation exist, as long as the other one does. Things have escalated now where it is not simply opposing opinions but a sense of an existential threat. There is no intent now to find a middle ground. There is no intent now to really listen to, negotiate with, compromise with, co-exist with the so-called enemy.

This is problematic. Each side is claiming to be the rightful owner of America. In this possessive assertion, there is the wholesale accusation that not only is the other one wrong, but that the other one isn’t equally American. You are making stepchildren out of one another, where one of you has the right to the heirs of the ones before you, while the others are coming along and ciphering off some of your inheritance rights.

The fact of the matter is that in the history of United States, both of these sides have always existed. The United States has always been a nation divided. That is its history. Perhaps the most defining issue to exemplify this was the issue of enslaving. Not slavery, per se, which speaks to the people who have been enslaved, but the entitlement, the right, the privilege, the prerogative, the reasoning and rationale behind why one could, should, be allowed to, legitimized, and protected to enslave people in the first place.

There have been these moments repeatedly, for the sake of some external goal, where the compromise has been made to simply come together to create a union for some existential threat, however, not requiring there to be any unity or uniformity within the so-called union. The union itself was able to come together and exist because people were allowed to live in completely opposing paradigms. At best, there has simply been the attempt to keep a balance of power of it all. Even in the beginning of the nation’s history, there had to be a balance in the number of “slave” states and “free” states. This notion of being on a razor thin edge of “who’s going to control” when things are such a 50-50 split. . .well, this has been the history all along.

We need to address these matters not out of a sense of judgment, but out of awareness. Because things are cyclical, your moments of progress have sometimes been no more than social/political pruning. Certain things have been cut back. If you look at a tree that has been pruned, it looks dead. When you look at a tree that has been pruned, you are not even sure necessarily what kind of tree that it is. To the naked eye it can look dead because at the time of pruning the limbs that are complete are cut back right alongside limbs that may be newer. However, you know what happens after pruning. The tree comes back even stronger and more abundant! In fact, that is the purpose of the pruning.

You forget how this applies to life. These moments when you are patting yourselves on the back and crediting yourselves for having pushed back certain things, or gotten rid of it, or wiped it out, you are simply forgetting that, just like the tree, there are inner forces going on that are going to make it come back with even greater resiliency. Why? Because the roots are so deep.

Less attention needs to be paid to just getting rid of limbs that keep coming back. More attention needs to be paid to uprooting what no longer serves. More attention needs to be paid to planting new seeds, tending to a new garden. So, the question becomes “Who really is the threat?”

The so-called Blue Liberal Progressives are, indeed, a greater threat to the traditional notion of the United States of America. The new pollings that are coming out are showing that upwards of 30% of the general population, and 50% of the those whose political affiliation is defined as Red, Republican, believe that the United States is the Promised Land for White Christians. But this isn’t new news. That was the founding idea of the nation. So, this shouldn’t be surprising.

What has to happen here is the clear articulation of a New America. If you want the progress, you have to own the fact that you are wanting to change, because the change, itself, is perceived as the threat. How can you trust people who deny that they are changing, disrupting, dismantling, the house that you have built and that you are trying to preserve? You will trust them a lot more it they own the fact that, yes they are coming in to remodel. They are coming to retrofit the foundation. They are coming in to add some rooms and some stories so that more people can be included and involved. When there are honest discussions about this, then you have some opportunities to perhaps find some common ground.

However, the wholesale declaration that you are the rightful heir, owner, possessor, of the United States and that the other is some kind of encroachment or obstacle is going to keep you in the loopity-loop instead of the upward spiral. It is very, very important to understand this.

What those of you who are progressives are referring to as abnormalities with the assertion that this is not America. . .Oh, but this is! It isn’t that things have gotten off course, the chickens have come home to roost. This is the fruit of the seeds that have been planted. It is just time to plant new seeds. It is time to articulate a new vision! It is much like not being able to put new wine into old skins because the wine is effervescent; it is expansive. The skin will wear out. And this is what is happening in your society right now. The skins are worn out almost every place that we turn.

As for the nation being a democracy. . . a democracy has behind it a certain intent. That intent is for there to be equality, fairness of representation, opportunity. Once again, as with the definition of what it means to be America, there has been growth and changes that have happened along the way. The roots the nation were roots of democracy, but not democracy for everyone. This is not a judgement. It is a historical fact. What needs to be articulated now is that, not that you are trying to save America and save the democracy. The ones you are calling insurrectionists now are, in fact, trying to do that. They are being more originalists, liked the current Supreme Court, of going back to those early roots for that kind of America, for that kind of democracy that was unevenly distributed.

So, are you really trying to save what has been or are you trying to move it forward? Are your trying to save what has been, or are you trying to move it forward? The clarity of this, the articulation of this, will make a huge difference. A huge difference.

When you know that are about remodeling, retrofitting, renovating, you are putting forth blueprints for what is next. You are showing possibilities. You are describing a future. It is much like what Bobby Kennedy Jr. famously said, “Some people see what has been and ask ‘Why?’ and others see what hasn’t been and ask “Why not?’”

We do well to ask why not? We do well to speak of the dream. King didn’t talk the America that had been. He talked about the America that could be. When fighting for the soul of America, it wasn’t fighting to protect what America had been, but understanding that America would die if it did not live up to its promise.

Keep fresh before you the promise of America that has been a shining light around the world inspiring democracies for centuries. BE that shining light on the hill!!!!”


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