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New Models of Understanding

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 7/13  Workshop 

with Rev Deborah L Johnson "RevD"

Confused by the talk about gender?

Join The Workshop & Free Intro Session

 Confused by 

the talk on gender?


You're Not Alone.

Join The Workshop & Free Intro 

Ever find yourself pondering . . .

  • Isn’t gender the same thing as sex?
  • Aren’t male and female opposites?
  • Why all the fuss about transgender?
  • What the heck is “nonbinary”?
  • How can one person be called “they?”
  • Why should any of this matter to me?

You are not alone. Join us as RevD sheds some light!

Join me for a: 

You will leave with a clear understanding of what is going on and what things mean. 

All materials are original including new models recently presented at the Parliament of the World Religions. Rev Deborah L Johnson (RevD) is a lifelong social justice advocate and diversity trainer. She set national precedent for the inclusion of sexual orientation in CA’s Civil Rights Bill.

For more info:

Recordings are available to all participants. The intro session is free. The half-day workshop registration is $37. A confirmation email will be sent in 24-48 hours. If you have questions, please email 

 via YouTube

Saturday, July 13th 9:30am – noon PDT via Zoom

About me, RevD: 

I bring civility

& humor

to complex issues

About me, RevD: 

I bring civility & humor to complex issues

Greetings! I'm Rev Deborah L Johnson "RevD".  I'm known for bringing civility, clarity & humor to emotionally- complex situations... like gender! I'm the author of the Letters From The Infinite Series. Two of the volumes are published by Sounds True: Vol 1. The Sacred Yes and Vol. 2 Your Deepest Intent.  

I am passionate about healing cross-cultural divides and bringing understanding where there was once only conflict. Throughout my career, I've worked with thousands of people in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. My clients have included MCA Universal, Apple Inc, AT&T, Kaiser Permanente, SBC Communications, Hewlett Packard, CDC, Kodak, Ford Foundation, UCSF School of Medicine, US Coast Guard Academy, and GLAAD.  

No matter your path—where you’ve been, who you are, or what you’re seeking—I am so glad you’re here

 Let's Make Sense of This Together

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We will gain clarity and new understanding.


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