Politically, Personally & Professionally

Global Workshop with RevD:

 April 22 - May 6th

3 Monday Sessions | 4:30pm - 6pm PDT

Politically, Personally & Professionally 

(Global Workshop with RevD: April 22 - May 6th)

3 Monday Sessions | 4:30pm - 6pm PDT

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Are you tired of divisiveness?  If you want to learn to bridge divides, please join the workshop!

We will learn how to: 

  • Use Oneness as an organizing principle
  • Pursue possibility beyond adversity
  • Stay engaged when enraged

Understanding and practicing how to depolarize will help you in every area of your life: personally, professionally & politically. It is critical transformational work for such a time as this. 

With original materials, including new models from her recent Harvard Divinity School presentation, Rev Deborah L Johnson, MBA, integrates best practices from her 40+ years of movement building, corporate DEI consulting, and spiritual leadership. She is known for bringing clarity, civility, & humor to complex, emotionally-charged issues and is the author of The Sacred Yes & Your Deepest Intent.  

The workshop includes 3 live sessions where you can learn, connect the dots,  ask questions specific to your community, and learn from others who are also seeking something higher in times of conflict. 

Recordings are available to all participants. Registration is $97. Register below. A confirmation email will be sent in 24-48 hours. If you have questions, please email 

Learn to bridge divides.

 Join The Upcoming Workshop.