This is a letter from the book 

The Sacred Yes:

Letters from The Infinite

volume 1 

as revealed to Reverend Deborah L. Johnson. 

The voice of the Divine

is as near to you as your own breath

—Just ask.

“Tell the people this morning that the purpose of their maintaining a vision is to be open to possibility consciousness. Too often you go into a task-oriented mode, which only gets you bogged down in details and so-called material facts. Your mind becomes cluttered with the debris of doubt, and you wind up only con-fusing your minds. The burden is not on you to make anything happen; your job is to know that it is possible. In your knowing, you open up the space in your consciousness (which includes your heart) so that I can work through you. . .

Many of you fail to dream because you fear that your dream will never come to pass.  Is pushing it further from your imagination going to make it materialize any faster? What is the hurt, the disappointment, that you strive so desperately to protect yourself from? Is your life more fulfilled for having fewer dreams? Are you more alive for striving less? Are you any safer for your fear to break out? Does staying locked up inside of yourself make you think you are in control? ’’ —Excerpt from the letter “Maintaining a Vision” in The Sacred Yes as revealed to Rev. Deborah L. Johnson

I have the desire and capacity to stay "upstairs" in consciousness.

Never do I allow the "drama du jour" to weigh me down.

My third eye is never blinded.

My inner light is never dimmed.

I choose to pierce through the confusion and behold the clarity.

I choose to override the current tides and be buoyed up on blessings.

I choose to bear witness to Life's goodness manifesting at all times.

Refusing to run on empty, I fill up my spiritual tank every day.

"The joy I have, the world didn't give it and the world can't take it away."


Q: Can dreams take us beyond where we are and know today?

Yes!  If your dreams do not scare you or make wonder how it will happen, it is not a dream.  It’s a plan. Dream a bigger dream. 


Q: Is it possible for our visions to come true?

Yes! They can come true in all areas from personal to professional to political, including global concerns. Spirit does not place something on our hearts then abandon us to fulfill it on our own. Visions require us to partner with the Divine in a co-creative process. Our job is to bring the YES factor and believe in the possibility of it manifesting.


Q: Am I enough?

Yes! Make certain that your vision is about more than your ego. Be in service to an ideal greater than yourself. Let your ego know “I’m about something bigger than you!” As our YES grows, so does our experience of enoughness, individually andcollectively. 


Q: Should I affirm what hasn’t happened yet?


Yes! We are the love, power, peace, and prosperity that we seek. It’s who we are. Passionately affirm your vision to be an extension of your essence, your Spiritual Truth transcendent of circumstances. Through repetition, affirmations recalibrate our actions and attitude into our embodied reality. Dare to affirm possibilities beyond anything we have experienced.


Q: Will our vision require us to change? 

Yes! We can’t manifest a 500 watt vision living 150 watt lives. We must make the conscious choice to vibrate at higher energetic frequencies that resonate with what we want. We won’t demonstrate kindness harboring resentment or prosperity affirming lack. We must recalibrate to transcend what has been and step into the greater yet to be.


Q: Shouldn’t we be DOING something to maintain a vision?

Yes! The effort it takes to maintain a vision IS doing something. Recalibrating our frequencies by minding our minds is one of the most difficult things that we’ll ever do. Let’s do it anyway. Recalibrating to the levels of our highest aspirations is a continuous process. Embrace it as daily practice. Remember “The good you seek is seeking you.” It’s our vibration thatattracts. Does yours say “Let’s do this! I’m ready. Are you?”


Q: Do I “claim it” or “let it go?”

Yes to both! We claim it to release limited thinking, to stand in the bold declaration of its possibility. We let go to move into expansive expectancy beyond specific expectations. Claiming is stepping into the possibilities. Letting go is releasing micromanagement of the manifestation. Stake a claim and open to outcomes beyond your imagination.


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