I'm known for compassionately bringing clarity, civility & humor to complex, emotionally-charged issues.

Greetings! My name is Reverend Deborah L. Johnson. You can call me RevD. No matter your path—where you’ve been, who you are, or what you’re seeking—I am so glad you’re here.  Whether you came to one of my talks, read one of my books, or heard of me through a friend or social media; know that I want you to bring all of yourself to the conversation... and that I will do the same.

I have been in the ivory towers of academia, corporations, government institutions, and powerful nonprofits; and I have been in the trenches of activism and organizing with two landmark civil rights cases in the law books. Everyone and everything has been my teacher - from mystics to scientists, influencers to incarcerated persons, nature to Nobel laureates. Our lives and fates are inextricably intertwined. 

I am focused on the power of our yes:

YES to the Possibilities that await!

News flash! We are verbs. Life is not happening at us. Life is happening as us! More than entities, we are co-creative energy, manifesting at the level of our attention! What has your attention? It’s not the facts but your narrative, your story, that creates your experience. What is your story? Want to step into your greater yet to be? Expand your vision. See beyond what you see. Recalibrate your energy to the frequency of YES and discover possibilities awaiting!

YES to learning from each other's gifts. 

Mine is a prophetic voice.

The prophetic does not predict the future but rather connects the dots. “This road leads to. . .If that’s not where you want to go, you can choose this other path more aligned.” It also identifies patterns leading to this moment exposing our choice of which to repeat and which not.

I share this prophetic gift with you and the world as a communicator, facilitator, spiritual leader, strategist, writer, consultant, organizer, lyricist, spoken word artist, and recipient of divine downloads often in the form of letters.

Please share your gifts, no matter how seemingly small, with me and those around you. Remember each of us is a blessing to the world.

Here’s a Spirit Letter titled "Maintaining a Vision.”

YES to honoring your authenticity

and moving towards vision

Each of us is seeking something. Our search says more about us than anything. Every question is a quest. Something brought you here – an issue nagging you, the urgency of this now moment, someone’s recommendation, intuitive nudging, an idea birthing inside of you. . . Pain pushes until vision pulls. Regardless of the circumstance, personal or global, professional or political, we need to focus on vision and move in its direction.

Here are my responses to some commonly asked questions on maintaining a vision.

YES to choosing freedom. 

TEDxBerkeley talk:

This is the story of how I met an innocent man who served 26 years in prison and still somehow managed to… (take a deep breath) ….forgive. My spoken word alter-ego Willamena helps me tell the story.

Get your YES On!

( Livestreams every Friday) 

Yes is that energy of deep internal connection with the divine. It's where all of our power is and transcends personality to get to the Truth of who we are. In this series, we explore the power and the size of our YES. Get Your YES On! Livestreams every Friday. 

YES to the Journey

Life is not a destination. Life is a Journey

YES to the Owning & the Claiming

If you really want something to happen, you've got to own it. You own it when you admit it to yourself. You claim it when you admit it to other people. 

YES to Joy: What is your struggle with Joy versus Happiness?

You don't have to be happy to be Joyful. 

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