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How Big is Your Basket?

“The experience of living is the result of your ability to ask of yourself and of the Universe. And as I told you before about asking, you fear that if you ask for more then you won’t get anything. However, if you ask for less, then you won’t get everything, and I am trying to give you everything. The same is true about living. Too many of you fear that if you attempt to live more, to live larger or more fully, you won’t get anything, or perhaps you will lose what you have. However, if you live less, then you won’t live everything. And I am trying to give you everything. Which of my gifts are you prepared to receive, and which are you planning to turn away? A gift is rejected in each moment that is not fully lived by you. You are waiting for me to fill up your life with meaning. The real question is, how big is your basket?”  


Are there areas in your life where you have been too afraid to ask for more, to say YES?

  • Does everything seem like too much to have?
  • Where you have been willing to accept less, saying NO?
  • Which gifts have you been preparing to receive and which to turn away?
  • How big is your YES basket and are you willing to make it bigger?






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