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Welcome to the RevD Now Channel

Welcome to the RevD Now Channel, a podcast designed to unleash possibilities within our individual and collective lives. Topics range from the personal to the political and revolve around three themes:

The first theme, WHERE IS YOUR YES?, is spiritually grounding. Spirituality is identity, not activity. In these episodes, Divine Downloads guide us as we explore our innate potentiality simply awaiting our conscious recognition.

The second theme, CHANGE WHAT YOU SEE deals with our personal perceptions and interactions. Our experience is not what happens, but how we name it. In these episodes, we practice transforming our disempowering perspectives into liberating narratives.

The third theme, PATHWAYS TO WE, is an opportunity to heal our societal dilemmas. Conflict is caused by polarization, not differences. The problem is our othering. In this podcast, we learn how to recognize one another as spiritual beings whose fates have been and continue to be intertwined. Only when we stop colluding with spiritual and social amnesia can we bring forth equity and justice.

I look forward to growing with you! Thank you for listening.

Search for "RevD Now Channel" on your favorite podcast stations