“Tell the people this morning that the purpose of maintaining a vision is possibility .”

Excerpt from The Sacred Yes

  as revealed to Rev. Deborah L Johnson

Letters from the Infinite.

Following is an excerpt from the letter “Maintaining a Vision” in The Sacred Yes.

The Sacred Yes: Vol. 1 and Your Deepest Intent: Vol. 2 are a series of Divine Downloads as revealed to Reverend Deborah L. Johnson and published by Sounds True.

These letters spiritually guide us on our individual and collective journeys.

Excerpt from The Letter

“Tell the people this morning that the purpose of their maintaining a vision is to be open to possibility consciousness. Too often you go into a task-oriented mode, which only gets you bogged down in details and so-called material facts. Your mind becomes cluttered with the debris of doubt, and you wind up only con-fusing your minds. The burden is not on you to make anything happen; your job is to know that it is possible. In your knowing, you open up the space in your consciousness (which includes your heart) so that I can work through you. . .

Many of you fail to dream because you fear that your dream will never come to pass. Is pushing it further from your imagination going to make it materialize any faster? What is the hurt, the disappointment, that you strive so desperately to protect yourself from? Is your life more fulfilled for having fewer dreams? Are you more alive for striving less? Are you any safer for your fear to break out? Does staying locked up inside of yourself make you think you are in control? ’’

The Sacred YES  as revealed to Rev. Deborah L Johnson,  Page 193

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Can Dreams Take Us Beyond Where We Are & Know Today?

Yes!  If your dreams do not scare you or make wonder how it will happen, it is not a dream.  It’s a plan. Dream a bigger dream. 

Am I Enough? 

Yes! Make certain that your vision is about more than your ego. Be in service to an ideal greater than yourself. Let your ego know “I’m about something bigger than you!” As our YES grows, so does our experience of enoughness, individually and collectively. 

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About The Sacred Yes & Spirit Downloads

The letters are current yet everlasting, specifically relevant without being confined to the particular. They instruct us in a very direct and conversational way. At times they are like intimate fireside chats with our most revered mentor, who is also our biggest fan. Sometimes they are like a classroom of life where the curriculum is essentially the same for all yet the lessons are tailored to meet the needs of each student. At other times the messages are like being in group therapy or conflict resolution mediation where we are learning how to choose Oneness over polarization. At still other times, the messages are edicts of epic proportions, like a Sermon on the Mount or a Gettysburg Address.

Although the letters came through me, the underlying content is universal and applicable to all. The messages are to us individually, as spiritual travelers on the road of life, and to us collectively, as members of a global community. There is an urgency to the messages that makes them particularly relevant to the American public at this great moment in history. They speak of our potential to either bless or blow up the planet and its inhabitants. The choice is ours.