Get in touch: If you're looking to book RevD for a talk/facilitation, interview RevD, or ask a question; you're in the right place. You can contact RevD at or the form below.

Join the team: If you're looking to introduce yourself and join Team RevD, you are also in the right place! We are involved in heartwork/ teamwork to elevate collective consciousness around oneness, sacred activism, and the most pressing possibilities of our time. All are welcome. We need everyone on deck and invite your presence, growth and expertise. Our volunteer efforts go towards the next iteration of classes, podcasts, talks, media etc.

Specific roles: Here are some specific roles we are looking for, but please don't let your imagination be limited. If there's something you can offer that's not listed here, we'd love to have a conversation. 

  • visual artists
  • graphic designers
  • web/mobile developers 
  • archival specialists 
  • filmmakers
  • copywriters
  • fundraisers
  • content creators
  • social media experts
  • sound designers
  • wordpress developers
  • editors: video/ sound 
  • brand strategists
  • creative directors

What role do you see that we haven't envisioned? You can introduce yourself below.

Donate: Contributions, in-kind and financial, are greatly appreciated. To make a contribution to support my work, use the link below.

If you would prefer to send a check, send it to:

Rev. Deborah L. Johnson

10620 Southern Highlands Parkway

Ste 110 #727 

Las Vegas, NV 89141

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.