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Igniting possibilities is at the core of my being. I promote unleashing our innate individual and collective capacities in order to step into our greater yet to be. Whether it’s conference keynoting, facilitating progressive think tanks, organizing activists, performing spoken word poetry, training trainers, or any other myriad of activities, my message is consistently oneness, inclusion, empowerment, and transformation. I am particularly passionate about healing cultural and socio-political divides, and am known for providing poignant perspectives that bring clarity and humor to complex and emotionally charged issues. It is always my honor to be of service.

Presentations & Keynote Addresses
Events, Conferences, Webinars

Coaching & Mentorship Programs
Individual & Group, Spiritual Leadership Development, Business Success

Group Facilitation
Personal Growth, Community Engagement, Progressive Think Tanks

Classes/Workshops, Spiritual Development, Liberation Theology, Metaphysical Bible

Train the Trainers, Social Justice, Community & Business Leadership

Cultural Diversity
Awareness Training, Cross-Cultural Engagement, Reconciliation

Movement Strategizing
Building Synergies, Public Messaging, Longevity

Community Organizing & Convening
Alliance Building, Goal Setting, Outreach

Organizational Consulting
Team Building, Strategic Planning, Mission Clarification

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