The Sacred YES
as revealed to Rev. Deborah L. Johnson
Letters from the Infinite, Volume I

The voice of the Divine is as near as breath as I discovered in a moment of utter spiritual surrender. I began hearing messages from Spirit in the form of Letters, complete with punctuation transcribed into a series called Letters from the Infinite. Each Letter is a discrete conversation with universal lessons addressing the human condition common to us all. Speaking to us individually and collectively, they soothe the soul even as they shake us out of complacency.

The insight and inspiration in the first volume, The Sacred YES, ignite evolution not only in our personal connection with the Divine, but in our interpersonal relationships, societal institutions, and global affairs.

The new paradigms, perceptions, and practices put forth provide encouragement, even in the prodding, for our hurts, fears, hopes, hesitations, and aspirations. Profoundly poignant, intimate, reflective, and compassionate, The Sacred YES calls us up to our greater yet to be.

“In the times in which we are living, The Sacred YES, is more than a must read. It is a must walk with, to share, to give away, and to talk about with everyone you know. Regardless of what state your life is in, Rev Deborah L. Johnson offers divine guidance, wisdom, and revelation. What a blessing!”

Iyanla Vanzant,  Author of In The Meantime and Get Over It

“The Sacred YES is a gentle invitation to rest in God’s love. It is one of the most astounding books I’ve ever read, and it will stay by my beside. What a blessing it is that Reverend Deborah offers herself as a vessel for the practical spiritual wisdom we must have to discover our soul’s purpose, love ourselves, and live our best life.”

Susan Taylor, Former Editorial Director, Essence Magazine

“Rev Johnson’s book is a wonderful example of the perennial wisdom that is available to all of us when we get in touch with the spiritual source that lies at the center of our being. Potent and practical words are here, as well as wise guidance to living daily life as spiritual exercise.”

Jean Houston, Author of A Passion for the Possible and The Wizard of Us

“Through her profound joyous realization of the Spirit, Deborah Johnson illumines the path to wholeness and healing. The Sacred YES helps us understand that each of us is indeed the Beloved, and that as we recognize and accept this, we experience genuine spiritual awakening.”

Harold Post

“Rev Deborah Johnson is one of the great spiritual resources we have in our world right now. Please read The Sacred YES and listen to her CD’s – I guarantee that you will benefit from the loving spirit and passionate clarity of her message.” Delete this one if not enough space

Gay Hendricks, Author of The Big Leap and Learning to Love Yourself

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