Your Deepest Intent
as revealed to
Rev. Deborah L. Johnson
Letters from the Infinite,
Volume II

Deep in our soul lies something beyond all desires. It is our truest intent, our single most important creative force. At any moment in time, do you even know what your intent is and why? In Your Deepest Intent, I share 43 Spirit Letters, messages to us personally and to the USA as a nation, that reveal the limitations of our existing perceptions, practices, and paradigms. We are challenged and inspired to change directions and be guided on a journey to Oneness and empowerment.

Intent is not a goal. Intent is a place of integration. Your Deepest Intent navigates us through the excavation for our integration, so we are no longer at cross-purposes with ourselves. We are shown how bringing our thoughts, words, emotions, actions, motivations, and processes into alignment purifies our individual and collective intent. Always radiating, intent cannot be cloaked or camouflaged. Intent arrives before you do. What’s yours?

Your Deepest Intent is a powerful right-on-the-mark book of practical wisdom. Open any page and be inspired and helped! Immediately!”

Christiane Northrup, MD,
Author of Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom

“The Spirit’s clarion call through Rev. Deborah Johnson is as timely as it is timeless. . . All who heed its messages will accelerate not only their personal evolution; they will also contribute greatly to our planetary evolution.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith,
Author of Life Visioning

Your Deepest Intent is a book for our time, an essential guide for people who are truly interested in becoming a force for positive change in their personal and global village. This book is a blessing”

Carolyn Myss,
Author of Anatomy of the Spirit

“The beloved Rev Deborah Johnson offers us divine messages of hope, healing, transformation, and reconciliation. In a world hungering for truth, Your Deepest Intent is a delicious feast.”


“You will be amazed, inspired, and stunned by this powerful book. Both the message and the messenger will touch your life deeply, and you will look back and say, ‘That was one of the most important books I ever read.’”

Lynne Twist,
Author of The Soul of Money

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